Why should I buy Unranked Accounts?

These Accounts are an ideal option if you are looking for a new level 30 account that is ready for placements.
If you’re stuck in low elo and can’t get out, or want a new account to play with your friends, etc, you’ve come to the right place!

Who boosts my account?

All accounts are played by professional high-elo boosters who enjoy their job as much as playing the game. They are accurate and discrete and follow Riot’s behaviour guidelines.

What does unverified email mean?

Unverified email means that the account isn’t attached to any email address and the customer can link them to his private mail right after purchase. This makes the accounts scam-safe and provides additional security.

What does the account include?

The price includes a brand new account. All accounts come with 3 champions and two rune pages. They are ready to use and have Unranked MMR. You just need to open the champion capsules and get the champs that you want.


Yes they can. Our staff uses the most sophisticated technology and VPN available on the market when leveling and boosting the accounts. This makes it very hard to detect our procedures and we have a very low chance of ban.

Still, the possibility exists, so if you can’t afford to lose RP, don’t purchase RP until some months have passed since the purchase date to be sure the account is safe. We offer 3 months warranty on most of our accounts, so if it’s banned and it’s not your fault you will be covered by the warranty and will receive a full refund!

Anything else?

Yes! All accounts have summoner names that follow a logical format, like WarTurtle or SwordKing. Remember that you can change the summoner name at any given time after purchasing the account.